Why do Doctors Keep this Simple Recipe away from the Public? Here’s how to get rid of Bunions Completely Natural!

Bunions are a common problem, and women are those who are the most affected category. Namely, bunions are salt deposits and they mostly occur as a consequence of wearing uncomfortable shoes or certain inflammatory processes. Despite the fact that they don’t always cause pain, they can have an effect on your life.

Nevertheless, bunions are highly unattractive, and this is a fact. To add, finding fitting shoes can be quite difficult.

However, there is a solution for this problem. Bunions can be removed surgically, but they can also be eliminated quite painlessly and quickly with the help of a natural remedy.

Bay Leaf Tea

What you need to do is crush some bay leaves, and add one tablespoon of them in 300 ml or 10 oz of water. Next, pour it in a thermos and leave it there overnight. You need to consume small sips throughout the whole day.

This treatment needs to be done for a week, but you need to make sure that your tea is always freshly prepared. The same treatment needs to be done again after one week.

The chances are that your need for urinating is going to be more frequent, but that is an indication that the salt in your body is disintegrating, thus promoting the bladder.

Fortunately, the first results are noticed within the first 10 days. Moreover, you are going to start feeling way better, and your joint pain is going to be reduced as well. The bunions are going to be completely eliminated if you consume this tea for 2 months.