Walk For Weight Loss, But How Much?

Walking is one of the most beneficial physical activities, which promotes weight loss, and boosts overall health.

If you do it properly, walking can help you lose up to a pound a week. Weight loss is determined by two factors, our body weight and the walking pace.

The average walking speed will help you lose 400 calories per hour, and if you want to lose weight, just increase the pace.

To control the fat burning process and track your goals, it would be useful to have a pedometer.  Experts at the American Medical Association claim that it will help you lose weight, as it measures the steps and the lost weight.

However, it is much easier when you know how much you need to walk to lose weight. Here is the pattern you need:

  • 100 calories = 1 mile = 200 steps
  • 1 pound = 3500 calories
  • 500 calories = pound per week of weight loss = 10 000 steps

Yet, even though walking is easy and effective, it can become boring after a while. Therefore, find a companion, or listen to your favorite music while walking.

Try to make walking your habit, in order to lose weight, accelerate the metabolism, and improve overall health. Take 30-minutes walk daily, but also take the stairs, walk tour children to work, park the car far away from your destination, and walk whenever you can.