The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

Even though many people are not aware of it, or there are cases when they are, but don’t take it seriously, our body’s urine can tell us a lot about our body.

It can be an indicator of different health problems, and its color, odor, or consistency can help us to realize if something is wrong with our health.

Urine is 95% water and 5% urea, potassium, creatinine, and other materials which are the by-products of the chemical processes involved in the urinary and digestive systems.

Urobilin is a waste product created from the breakdown of red blood cells, the reason for the yellow urine color.

The clear urine indicates an overly hydrated body – it might be a sign of dissolved electrolytes and chemical misbalance in the body.

If your urine has a light yellow color, this means that your body is properly hydrated. This color is considered as the healthiest, normal urine color.

This indicates an infection of the bladder that usually occurs as a result of excessive amounts of mucus or proteins being broken down in the body.

This is the main sign of dehydration. If you notice this urine color, we highly recommend you to increase your consumption of water.

This is a sign of a more serious level of dehydration. It can also indicate a large presence of vitamin B. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids like water or tea.

If your urine color is orange, this is a sign that you have excessive amounts of bilirubin in your body. It can also indicate gallstone obstacles in the bile duct or can be a result of urinary tract medicine.

This urine color can occur as a result of eating too much beets. However, it can be a serious indicator that there is blood in your urine, so if you notice this color in your urine, you should visit your urologist immediately.

In most cases, darker shade of pink is a sign of serious condition. It indicates a considerable amount of blood in the urine, and it is a sign of serious ailments including an infection of the bladder, or in some cases even cancer. You should visit your doctor immediately!

This means a lot of blood in the urine. It is certainly cancer, but however, you should check this with your doctor.

This urine color is a result of some medicines like the antibiatoic metronidazole or the anti-malaria chloroquine. Also, it can occur as a result of working out too much.

In this case, the myoglobin used for energy mingles with bodily fluids like urine or blood. However, it is recommended to visit a urologist in order to do a myoglobin test because it can be a sign of liver disease as well!

This is a result of excessive amounts of artificial colors in the body. Also, it can be a presence of trivial food items like jello, or medicines like Uribel, known to contain blue methylene. This is nothing serious and you can eliminate from your system with a lot of hydration!