Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Many As Children

History has shown that women tend to be more directly and influentially engaged in a child’s life. This behavior derives from the ancestral era in which men went out to marry prey and the women stayed in caves collecting fruits or vegetables and taking care of children until they could carry out some activity.

In modern times something similar has happened, for it was not until a few years ago that women were given a right to work and earn their salary just like a man.

Ask a grandmother or great-grandmother as she was in her youth things around her house and you will notice that the women kept the home while the man worked outside the house

Parenting and training was never an easy task, mothers have a kind of gift that they develop with experience.

Taking care of the various tasks requires a full time on their part, and that responsibility is formed from the minute they accept to be mothers.

The greatest stress of the tasks is to confront the various stages of the children, each difficult in their own way. However it is not impossible, mothers have a dedication, effort, and love to achieve it that makes them really admirable.

Now one wonders, How can husbands collaborate?

The real reason for stress in parenting is the lack of support

Parenting is a work of 2, both parents must actively participate in the upbringing and training of their child, however somehow the greater weight of responsibility usually falls on the mother.

And it also happens that the husband can stress worse than a child, studies reaffirm, according to surveys, that at least 45% of mothers consider this situation.

When you get your partner or life partner, it is normal to build the future that both dream, to live together, to buy a house, to have children.

What women rarely ask their husbands is if they really are willing to put everything on their side to contribute to the plans they are putting together. A question that seems obvious.

The surprise is great when it does not happen, many women surveyed confirm that part of their stress in their upbringing is due to a lack of support from their husbands.

Men defend themselves by explaining that the error lies in the fact that women are not able to ask for help, and they assume that they can solve all problems of child-rearing alone.

In conclusion, proper communication between both parties can solve many inconveniences and misunderstandings, stress is not healthy for a relationship and much less for a parenting.