Stop A Heart Attack In 1 Minute – Recipe!

Majority of us still do not know that we can stop a heart attack with one item only and in 1 minute.

It is cayenne pepper. This is the best known chili pepper and can save your life.

Medical experts also know this and are amazed from the healing of the cayenne so they also promote it.

Herbalist experts save people with cayenne by giving them cayenne pepper tea and in 1 minute the life of the patient is saved.

The best thing is that cayenne Is effective but this is not tested or proved in medical labs and this is the strange part. Still, proofs and cases of success are enough for now.

How is cayenne used

This pepper has 90.000 Scoville units and other pepper like Habanero, Scotch Bonet, Jalapeno, African bird, Jamaican hot and the Thai Chi are the same in this value. Buy them from health stores, markets and food shops.

If someone has a heart attack, give them 1 tsp cayenne in glass of water and he/she has to be conscious to have this drink.

If someone is unconscious put few drops of cayenne extract under their tongue.

The cayenne can level the blood circulation and the heart rate and also stop bleeding that leads to severe heart attack. Experts say that a patient never lost anything to this method, only gained.

Preparing the tincture of cayenne

This cure is great for urgent issues and situations. This pepper grows in South America and India and is famous worldwide.

The chili is a bush plant and tropical one. The ground chili has more capsaicin than other peppers too. The tiny peppers are hotter than bigger peppers. Always get the smallest ones.

You need:

  • 3 cayenne peppers
  • Cayenne powder
  • Vodka 50% alcohol
  • Gloves and a glass bottle


Put the gloves on to protect the hands. Put ¼ of the powder in the bottle and cover with alcohol. Then mix the alcohol and peppers in a blender and blend. Put of this mix 2/4 in the bottle.

Then fill up the last ¼ with alcohol and shake the bottle few times daily.

Keep this DIY cure in dark room for 2 weeks and strain it after. Put in dark bottle and for stronger remedy put it in a darker place 3 months after you strain it.

It will not spoil in dark places!

Best advisable dosage

Take 10 drops and give them to the one having a heart attack or stroke and then give him 10 drops more after 5 minutes. Repeat this dose every 5 minutes until he/she is better.

If the person  is unconscious, put 3 drops under the tongue and do CPR. Repeat in 5 min until the person is better.

The cayenne pepper benefits

  • Treating minor issues
  • Protection to Colletotrichum and Phomopsis to stop fungi
  • Good for digestion, soothing and removing gasses and making more gastric juice
  • Prevention to cancer and good for smokers or people with lung cancer. The capsaicin stops tumors to form from smoking. Also this effect goes for liver cancer.
  • Used for arthritis, stomach problems, toothache, flu, migraine, obesity, redness and allergy curing as well

Cayenne nutrients

Cayenne has 26 listed nutrients and many minerals like selenium, magnesium and zinc. Also it has vitamins A and C.

This pepper is the best effective natural item for the heart. Keep it in mind and have it prepared just as prevention.