Russian Monks Revealed a Secret and he Shared it With Everyone – “This is the Cure for all Diseases”….

We came across to a recipe that it is able to prevent the causes of disease. Yes, every disease, including the most serious ones. What astonishes in this story the most is its simplicity.

You do not need thousands of dollars, exotic travels and visit to various gurus, as well as examinations in modern hospitals.

The source who wished to remain anonymous, shared his experience with us. He came to the other side of the planet just to do so.

This is a man who is an engineer, and had lived and worked in Moscow for ten years. Since Russians are known to be very religious and Orthodox people, there are a large number of churches and monasteries that reflect the strong spirituality in Russia.

Our source took the time to visit the famous Russian Borovsky monastery and talked to a priest who helped a lot of people with his tips and recipes for a healthy life.

  • Baking soda. You should dissolve one flat teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every day and drink it. But, you must use edible baking soda, which means that it should not contain aluminum in it, so it is best to buy it in the pharmacy. You should start with a lower dose, with half a teaspoon. It is best to consume it in the evening.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3%. Stir three to five drops of this substance into a glass of water and drink it. You should do this in the morning.
  • Green tea. You should drink one cup of tea every day. Green tea is the healthiest drink in the world.
  • Although many people do not like it and avoid to eat it because of the strong smell, it is well known that the garlic is a natural penicillin. One clove is enough, which should be cut into small cubes and left for a few minutes to dry.

To avoid unpleasant odor, mix the prepared garlic with a cup of yogurt or sour milk. We tried this recipe with yogurt, and we can say that it really does not leave any odor behind when it is consumed in this way.

Russians mix it with a glass of water and drink it, but to us, this idea did not sound particularly appealing.

  • We do not need to talk much about water because it is clear to everyone how healthy it is. However, here the emphasis is placed on the following parameters:

PH value.

The ideal pH value of the water you consume should be 7.42, but it can go up to 8. In fact, the right pH value, which is important, will prevent the creation of an acidic environment in the body, which favors the development of cancer.

Being a man of science, our source accepted all of this with certain skepticism, and decided to have fun with the scientific views.

While investigating, he came across to the famous doctor Ivana Pavlovich Neumivakina, doctor of medical sciences, professor, the pioneer of Russian medicine in aerospace engineering, and the founder of the first hospital on the Russian spacecraft …

And, most importantly, he has developed its own system of treatment with hydrogen and baking soda. Having been in charge of the health of astronauts during their departure on space, since there is no doctor there, he has to make sure that their health is in perfect order.

While researching the work of doctor Neumivakina, our source was left astonished when he learned that the celebrated Russian doctor was talking about the very same recipes as the priest.

He did not just talk about these recipes, but he scientifically proved them to be effective.

On YouTube you can find plenty of documentary films with doctor Neumivakina, in which he analyzes in detail the benefits of hydrogen and baking soda. He cites many examples and scientific studies which show how miraculous these substances really are.

He explains in detail all about the chemical properties of these substances, how they act on the body, and how they are able to cure everything…

Our source and his family used these recipes every day for a year. We asked his daughter did she notice some changes, and she replied: our immunity drastically strengthened.

— We are all healthy and our immune system is very strong. Let’s say, last winter, when a lot of viruses took over, December — January … unfortunately, we were surrounded by people who were very sick, and I thought I was going to get it too! I thought that there is no chance that I would be able to stay healthy … but nothing! Absolutely nothing! — She said.

As we all know, Russia is a country with highly developed science and technology, and this breakthrough should be taken into consideration. This is not another conspiracy theory which is spread from door to door.

Everything is public and well known all over Russia, and even in the world, among those who see beyond the television programs that they impose on us.

One thing is certain, we gave you something to research and think about.