Rub These Two Oils On Your Gums And Teeth

Help Your Gums And Teeth

We have been using essential oils for centuries for different purposes in our lives and many of us not aware of using essential oils perfect for a particular use. But, all essential oils are packed with a large number of health benefits.

Among all other essential oils, tea tree essential oil and clove essential oil acts amazing for your health. Whether you know or not, these are effective and extremely beneficial for your teeth and gums too.

According to research in the journal of international oral health, it has been concluded that essential oils can inhibit plaque, eliminate bacteria, remove stains, and keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Tea Tree Oil:

Recent studies have been concluded that the antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties in tea tree essential oil can effectively reduce bacterial load, yeast formation, and bacterial infections. It also helps to prevent viral infections and avoid the symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease

It is also effective in preventing bad breath and reduces the bacterial colonies that cause halitosis.

Clove Oil:

The chemical called eugenol in clove oil acts as an antiviral and anti-bacterial agent that can easily treat all gum diseases. Eugenol compound is also containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammation in your mouth.

Apart from this, a recent study has been evaluated cloves’ ability to treat all types of oral issues, including tooth decalcification. It not only helps to reduce this condition, often it remineralizes your teeth and makes them strong and healthy.

What You Need To Do:

Gums And TeethAll you need to do for maintaining healthy and shining teeth is, take few drops of close and tea tree essential oils together and rub or brush your teeth regularly with this oil to prevent cavities, gingivitis, tooth decay, and even bad breath.

You can also rub your gums with this oil and make sure that you have diluted this oil by adding a few drops of coconut oil. Otherwise, it might result in causing infections that cause itching and irritation.