Read This And Never Use The Phone While In The Toilet

This topic is really interesting and this habit is a guilty one we all have. We all get the mobiles in the toilet when we do our needs. But this makes germs spread faster which are transferred through our mobile phones when we touch them after wiping. We make more germs spread like salmonella and e.coli.

A good hygiene means no phone here. Experts say the phone gets contaminated with fecal dirt. This transfers bacteria fast and you touch the phone all day long, touch food after that and so on.

This gets more serious with public toilet use. The diseases you put yourself under risk at is alarming. Viruses stay on the phone for days even and spread like fire!

Do not take the phone in the toilet. Wash hands with soap after wiping and dry them well. Stay healthy. The toilet is not a recreation room, or relaxation room. There are infections and dirt there!

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