How To Makeover The Energy In Your Home!

Feng shui helps to eliminate negative energies from your home. Set an intention to get rid of a bad mood. Vacuuming will get stagnant energy moving. Dusting helps create more mental clarity and focus by stimulating metal elemental energy. Burning a sage wand or light incense clears the air. Fluffing pillows add life to sofas, chairs, and beds. Walking in a circle in the room and clapping wake up the energy. Scrubbing the toilet and being grateful strengthen positive vibes.

We all want to live in vibrant, positive, and peaceful energy. I’m not sure that a question is asked of me more frequently than some version of this: “How do I remove the negative energy from my home?”

While there are hundreds of methods in my feng shui practice to clear away unwanted energies and I find many useful for different reasons, today, I wanted to share a core practice with you that can help you to consistently keep the energy happy and clear your home.

More positive energy in feng shui terms leads to less stress, greater well-being, and more overall abundance, ease, and a sense of creative inspiration. You can use these methods any time you feel stuck, tense, negative, confused, or otherwise in a ‘down’ mood to lift the energy of your home while you lift your spirits.

This can all be done daily as a practice or weekly, or however often feels best to you. Also, feel free to customize it to suit your needs.

Practices To Eliminate Negative Energy

1. Set An Intention

Your clear decision to be free of a mess or a bad mood or any other powerful positive decision is amazing.

2. Quick Vacuum

This will get stagnant energy moving free in your space.

3. Dust Surfaces

Dusting helps create more mental clarity and focus by stimulating metal elemental energy. To dust well, microfiber cloths can be helpful and eco-friendly!

4. Sage/Smoke

Burn a sage wand or light incense (sandalwood, nag champa or your favorite!) and see the smoke clearing the air.

5. Fluff Pillows

This is an easy way to add a brilliant life to sofas, chairs, and beds.

6. Clap In The Corners

Walk in a circle through each room and clap to wake up the energy.

7. Scrub The Toilet And Keep The Lid Down

A simple scrub with baking soda and vinegar in equal parts (I use about ½ a cup of each, let it sit for 30 or 40 minutes in the toilet, and then scrub well) strengthens positive vibes in the bathroom.

8. Gratitude

As always grateful = abundant. Take a moment to write, plan, or speak out loud your gratitude for things big and small to welcome even more positive vibes!