Have You Purchased These 4 Dangerous, Fake Supplements From Walmart, Walgreens And Target?

I want to one day live in a world where I can walk down the health and wellness aisle of a store, and trust that anything I pick up is telling the truth! Apparently, in this day and age, that is far too much to ask.

Do you shop at Walgreens, Walmart, GNC or Target?

Well, you might want to rethink your choice to buy supplements at these 4 national retailers. In 2015 these stores were exposed for selling bogus, potentially harmful herbal supplements to their customers. These “supplements” that claim to be full of healthy herbal mixtures are in fact full of “cheap fillers” that include:

    • – Common house plants
    • – Radish
    • – Wheat
    • – Soy
    • – Beans
    • – Peas
    • – Legumes
    • – Rice

This mislabeling has caused many trusting Americans to buy these rip-off supplements in hopes of a healthier diet. One of the most alarming facts about the mislabeling is that many of the “filler” ingredients are common allergens!

The 4 Bogus Supplements:

1. GNC Herbal Supplements

Some GNC brand supplements have been proven to contain soybeans and peanuts; both common allergens!

2. Target’s St John’s Wort, Valerian Root and Ginkgo Biloba

These 3 “herbal supplements” contained ZERO herbal ingredients. Instead, they were stuffed with beans, carrots, peas and rice.

3. Walmart’s Memory-Boosting Ginkgo Biloba

This popular supplement contained radishes and wheat. To top it off, this specific supplement claimed to be gluten-free and wheat-free!

4. Walgreen’s Ginseng Supplements

This particular pill contained zero traces of ginseng and instead consisted of powdered rice and garlic.

How to Choose a Good Supplement for Health Benefits

  1. Purchase it from a health food store, not a drugstore
  2. Don’t just go for the cheapest option
  3. Get recommendations from a practitioner. They can tell you the right dose and type (e.g. there are over 6 types of magnesium! A doctor can help you know you’re getting the right one or the one that’s most absorbable)
  4. Avoid supplements loaded with too many fillers or binders (one or two is alright, but shouldn’t be a laundry list)
  5. Avoid supplements with artificial colors and dyes