Do You Wake Up Every Night at the Same Time? This Is what It Means

Did you know that our bodies have internal systems similar to clocks? This means that our physical health and spiritual health are not separate notions, but the complete opposite; they are closely connected.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, waking up at the same time at night without an alarm clock could be something that you should pay attention to. You are a human being with different energies flowing through your body and you may not even be aware. These energy meridians energize different areas of the body at different times of the day. Find out what it means to wake up at a specific period of the night below.

Wake Up Times and Their Meaning

9pm to 11pm

Most people go to bed between these hours. This is when the enzymes start to refill and when the endocrine system restores its balance. This system is known to regulate the metabolism and the hormones and if you cannot fall asleep at this period, your organism is probably ‘stuck’ in a ‘fight or flight mode’. That is, you may be preoccupied with the events that happened through the day or you are thinking about tomorrow. This can also be a result of poor diet and eating heavy meals later in the day.

11pm to 1am

At this period, the yin energy turns into yang. If you wake up at these hours, it means that you may be experiencing resentment. Try to maintain your calmness, preserve energy, and strengthen your love and positive feelings instead. Waking up at this period could also be a consequence of over-consumption of unhealthy fats which the gallbladder has a difficulty breaking down.

1am to 3am

At this period, the body is detoxifying itself and the liver is removing toxins and cleansing the blood. If you wake up at these hours, you could have too many negative emotions such as frustration and anger. To prevent this from happening in the future, find ways to eliminate these spiritual toxins.

3am to 5am

At these hours, the lungs are repairing themselves. If you wake up at this period, from a spiritual point of view, emotions like sadness and grief could be impeding the proper functioning of the lungs. Practice some breathing techniques when you wake up to calm down easily. You could also be waking up at this time due to lucid dreaming, sensitivity to sounds, feeling cold, or changes in appetite.

5am to 7am

This is when the large intestine is the most active and it breaks down the toxins and eliminates them from the system. You could wake up at these hours if you are leading an unhealthy diet or if you eat later in the night.