DIY: How To Clear Your Sinuses in Seconds Using Nothing but Your Fingers

Having a stuffy nose can be highly unpleasant, and is most often a result of colds, allergies, and even weather changes.

However, before you turn to medications, you should know that you can relieve the stuffy nose, ears, or a stuffy head by pressing one pressure point.

Trick #1: Apply Pressure Across Your Eyebrows

To clear the nose and the upper sinuses, you should boost the movement of the “stuck” fluid by applying pressure on the area across the eyebrows.

You should put the fingers at the beginning of each eyebrow, and lean forward so that your head rests on the elbows. After a couple of seconds, slide the fingers to the middle of the eyebrows.

Hold a bit and then move the fingers to the ends of the eyebrows, and hold a steady pressure or move the fingertips in tiny circles to stimulate the flow of fluid away from the forehead.

After a while, you will feel the pressure in the center of the head disperse.


Trick #2: Mini-Massage

The massage therapist Heather Wibbels claims that you can pull fluid from the head with the help of a few quick rubs. Yet, if you find this uncomfortable, cross the hands to make a V shape, and with the same pumping motion on the sides of the neck, release the lymph fluid.

The fingertip pulses, as well as this method, produce suction in the lymphatic system, which vacuums the fluid downward and removes it from the head.


Trick #3: Use Your Tongue & Press Between Eyebrows

By pressing certain points of the body, you can trigger the fluid flow and clear the sinuses. You should push the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth, and at the same time, push a finger against the skin between the eyebrows.

Hold thus for 20 seconds, and you will feel the relief, as the buildup will soften, and the sinuses will start to clear.

Moreover, you can try the following: alternate between pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth and pressing between the eyebrows, which is actually the Yintang acupoint, the location of the nasion, according to Dr. Joseph M. Helms, president of Helms Medical Institute and author of Acupuncture Energetics: A Clinical Approach for Physicians.

These methods will actually draw the fluid from the source of blockage, and thus clear the congestion in the sinuses, and treat all the accompanying symptoms.