Consuming 2 Bananas A Day Does This To Your Body

Very often the bananas are underrated, although they are considered to be an extremely healthy food. It is rich in numerous nutrients such as fibers, vitamins, minerals, fructose, and sucrose. The regular consumption of bananas will provide great health benefits. At first, the banana has green color and it doesn’t have spots on its skin.

As it becomes riper, brown spots start to appear. The ripe bananas are much healthier. The more spots a banana has, the more TNF it contains. The TNF is able to fight the abnormal cells in the body as well as it can fight cancer. It promotes the communication between the body cells and the immune system and it also supports the cell movement. A research showed that the ripe banana has TNF which blocks the tumor cells growth and their spreading by inducing cell death (apoptosis). The banana is abundant in antioxidants that have the ability to boost the blood cells count as well as the immune system. That is the reason why you shouldn’t avoid spotted bananas, as they are going to provide a lot of energy and various health benefits. The following are some of their most important health benefits: *Anemia*
The bananas are supplying the body with dietary iron and they boost the blood supply, while they also stimulate the red blood cells as well as the hemoglobin production. *Energy*
1-2 bananas before exercising will supply your body with energy up to one hour. Banana is abundant in minerals, vitamins and it’s a low-glycemic fruit that is going to boost the endurance and also prevent muscle cramps thanks to its potassium content. *Constipation*
You can treat constipation if you consume bananas regularly. Their rich content of fiber will lead to regular bowel movement and in this way they are going to prevent constipation. *Heartburn*
The banana acts as an anti-acid and it relieves acid reflux and heartburn, as well as the unpleasant symptoms. Just one banana can provide instant results. *Blood pressure*
The banana is able to lower the blood pressure and also prevent heart attack and stroke since it reduces sodium. It is abundant in potassium and in that way it promotes the heart health. *Ulcers*
This fruit is great for treating stomach ulcers because its soft texture is going to coat the lining of the stomach. In this way, banana helps you to prevent corrosive acids and irritations. *Body temperature*
The banana is able to regulate the body temperature efficiently and it’s great against fever. *Nerves/PMS*
The banana can regulate the levels of blood sugar and it will also help in case of stress. It is abundant in vitamin B, soothes the nervous system and it also relaxes the mind and body while also enhancing the mood. *Depression*
Banana contains tryptophan, which is a unique ingredient that treats depression. The moment it enters our bodies, it turns into serotonin and leads to relaxation and improved mood.