Coconut Oil Does Wonders For Your Skin And Hair. But Here is The Newly Discovered Effect It Can Have

Coconut oil can be considered as one of the healthiest food on the planet earth. The lauric acid that can also be found in the breast milk, is the best booster for the immune system.

According to the American Society of nutritious the studies conducted on coconut oil shows many benefits including a cure for many diseases, chronic illnesses, protection from viruses such as hepatitis C, infections of the bladder and even cancer.

The studies show also that alleviates the side effects of the chemotherapy.

Another use for the coconut oil includes skin treatments, making the skin smooth and in a perfect condition. Coconut oil can be used for hair treatment as well, which makes the hair smooth and shiny all day long.

The most terrifying virus in the 21 century is cancer, as billions of people died from this deadly disease with not many effective treatments yet to be found.

The scientist from the University of Adelaide conducted a research which has stated that the lauric-acid that is in the coconut oil has the potential to prevent or kill the cancer cells.

Under hermetic circumstances, the scientists used a Petri dish for the experiment, stating that the lauric acid in the coconut oil kills 90% of the cancer cells in not more than two days.

Due to lack of funds, this is not examined truly yet, however, the pharmaceutical companies make their profits, and do not take the matter any further than it is.