Boiled Egg Diet: Here’s How You Lose 10 Pounds in One Week!

There is no magic trick that will help you lose the excess pounds overnight, but there are some effective ways to accelerate weight loss.

To lose excess body weight, you need to reduce the calorie intake, and this low-calorie diet will help you get in shape in a very short time!

The main ingredient in this diet are eggs, which are a rich source of minerals, like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, vitamins, like vitamin C, B12, B2, A, B5 and E, and various nutrients.

Eggs contain 25 % monounsaturated fat, 9,4 % polyunsaturated and 18,1 % saturated fat. Even though it was believed that eggs increase LD cholesterol levels, studies have proven it to be a myth, as they regulate cholesterol levels in another way.

People who have tried the diet with boiled eggs claim that it initially reduces their energy levels, as it is low in carbs, but regular exercise solves this issue.

Here is the 2-week plan:

Week 1:

Monday: Breakfast –2 boiled eggs and fruit • Lunch –2 slices of bread and fruit

• Dinner –grilled chicken and salad