14 Best Ways to Get rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House

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3. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Dry Ice:

Do you ever wonder why mosquitoes attract us? It is because we exhale carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes. Dry ice to emits carbon dioxide.

How to use:

• Keep dry ice in a bowl in some corner of your house.
• The mosquitoes will get attracted to this bowl and the moment mosquitoes get into the bowl close the lid of the bowl.

• This method is time-consuming however it is highly effective.

4. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Garlic:

Garlic is one of the best natural mosquitoes repellants. It has got the strong pungent smell and it kills mosquito larvae.

How to use:

• Take 5-6 garlic cloves • Crush them and add to water • Put this water in spray bottle and spray the water around the room • This will prevent mosquitoes from entering the room. • Mosquitoes usually enter the house in the evening therefore if you are using garlic for cooking then heat garlic in the oil in the evening.

• Later add this garlic laden oil to your favourite dish

5. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Peppermint:

Peppermint and insecticidal properties therefore can he uses an excellent mosquito repellant around your room

How to use:

• Add few drops of solid peppermint or peppermint oil to the water • Spray this oil across the room

• This will also give refreshing minty fragrance to your room and is better than the pungent smell of chemical mosquito repellants

However peppermint can cause skin irritation, so you must be cautious when spraying it.

6. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it one the most effective remedy to fight mosquitoes. Mosquitoes dislike the smell of tea tree oil therefore remains away from this smell.

How to use:

• Take few drop of tea tree oil • Add few drops of water to it • Apply this mixture on your skin • This will prevent mosquitoes from coming near you

• If you are too late to apply this oil then too this oil can be applied to your skin to get rid of itching sensation you get after mosquito bites.

7. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Coffee Grounds:

If there is stagnant water in and around the house then add coffee grounds to this stagnant water. The mosquito eggs in these puddles will start floating up. As these eggs do not get sufficient oxygen they will not hatch. Thus it prevents the mosquitos’ eggs from hatching and thus prevents their breeding.

8. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil acts as a chemical agent. Lavender oil has a strong smell that keeps mosquitoes away.

How to use

• Add lavender oil to water and spray this in and around your room • Room fresheners with lavender fragrance can also be sprayed around the room

• lavender oil can also be applied to the exposed skin of your body

9. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Clove Oil:

Clove oil has a chemical ingredient that has a strong smell that which is not liked by mosquitoes thus clove oil keep mesquites away.

• Mix clove oil with water and spray the water in your room • Clove and camphor can be burned together in the house with doors and windows closed

• Do not apply clove oil to the skin as it causes skin irritation.

10. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Mustard Oil:

Many studies have been conducted in Assam on the mosquito repellant properties of the mustard oil. Compared to coconut oil mustard oil has strong and long lasting mosquitoes repelling properties. Just directly apply mustard oil to your skin and this will keep mosquitoes at bay.

11. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Neem:

Neem oil is good for skin and also keeps mosquitoes away. You can also burn Neem leaves every day in the evening. The smoke will keep mosquitoes away.
Here are some do’s and don’ts that you can follow to avoid mosquitoes from breeding and keep them away for long.

12. Coconut Oil Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using:

Coconut oil is also a mosquito repellant but its effect lasts only for some time. Therefore you should regularly apply coconut oil to your skin to ensure mosquitoes do not come close to you. The best way is to soak an A4 size paper in coconut oil and hang it inside the room. This will keep mosquitoes at bay.

13. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Vetiver (Khus):

Vetiver also is known as Khus in India is a type of bunch grass. Its aroma is soothing to human and is also an excellent mosquito repellant. Add few drop of Khus oil or Khus grass to the water and spray this water in and around the room.

14. Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Using Mosquito Trap:

You can make a mosquito trap at home. All you need to make this trap is a plastic bottle, some brown sugar and yeast. First, cut the bottle into half and pour hot water and brown sugar mixture into it. Let the mixture cool and settle at the bottom of the bottle.

Now add yeast to this mixture. Put the top half of the bottle upside down without the bottle cap. Cover the bottle with black tape and keep this trap near the area where there many mosquitoes. Regularly change the mixture. This is effective mosquito trap, give it a trial.